When you book cleaning service with us, you will always get:

  • Best prices in London
  • Professional call centre operators who can provide you with best information and advise.
  • Professional cleaning staff with huge experience.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Below we will explain our prices and in this way we make it easier for you to choose the best option form the many that we offer.

We have fixed prices for End of Tenancy cleaning, we have the option to order a cleaner per hour and depending on your choice the cleaning products can be provided by you or by our cleaning company.

Option 1

  • Studio flat from £90
  • One Bedroom Property from £120
  • Two Bedroom Property from £135
  • Three Bedroom Property from £155
  • Four bedroom Property from £175.00
  • Five bedroom Property from £195.00

Here the prices are fixed and we provide the cleaning products. We guarantee in case your agency or landlord is not satisfied with the cleaning (which usually doesn’t happen) and you call us in less than 24 hours, we are OBLIGED to send a free of charge cleaner to deal with possible negligence. The only thing we require is that you list what exactly has been missed and to give the cleaner access to your house.

Option 2

You can order a cleaner per hour and there our cleaning company is very flexible. Here you have some options that you could choose:

1. Two cleaners x minimum 4 hours that makes in total 8 hours x 13 pounds per hour = 104 pounds (we provide the cleaning products)
2. Two cleaners x minimum 4 hours that makes in total 8 hours x 10 pounds per hour = 80 pounds (in this case you provide the cleaning products)
3. One cleaner for minimum 5 hours x 10 pounds per hour = 50 pounds (the customer provides the cleaning products)

According to your assessment you can order a cleaner for more hours and the prices are:

1. Two cleaners x 5 hours x 13 pounds = 130 pounds
2. Two cleaners x 6 hours x 13 pounds = 156 pounds
3. Three cleaners x 4 hours x 13 pounds = 156 pounds
4. Three cleaners x 5 hours x 13 pounds = 195 pounds

Please note all prices are approximate and may change depending on the condition and the size of the property and the location! For After builders cleaning our prices are 15 pounds per hour and in this case we provide the cleaning products.

Carpet Cleaning

Prices vary depending on the size and fabric of the carpets to be cleaned. Example prices include:

  • Single Bedroom Carpet Cleaning £18
  • Double Bedroom Carpet Cleaning £20
  • Living Room Carpet Cleaning £25
  • Corridor £15
  • Hallway £15
  • Dining Room £23
  • Lounge £23
  • Bathroom £6
  • Stairs 1.00 £ per step
  • Office/Commercial £1.00-£1.50 per sq m
  • Three-Seat Sofa Upholstery Cleaning £36

A minimum charge of £50 applies

We are professional cleaning company. Our standard is on the highest level. More than 75% of the customers used our services make a new appeal to us. If you are interested to see our work please visit .